10 Bedroom Paint Ideas to Freshen Up Your Room

Bedroom Paint Ideas – The color scheme of the bedroom often reflects the taste and personality of the room’s owner. It can also set the mood and overall vibes of both the person and the room. Here are 10 bedroom paint ideas to inspire you to choose interior paint of the bedroom.

Cool Bedroom Paint Ideas for You Who Need Inspirations

Bold Contrasting Colors (Bedroom Paint Ideas)

Bold colors are great for making a statement. If you are not sure about bold colors, opt for a splash of colors or an accent wall instead. Pay attention to a bold color theory such as the temperature of colors.

Muted Earthy Colors (Bedroom Paint Ideas)


As the opposite of the boldness of contrasting colors, muted colors present as options for bedroom paint. With the increasing trend of flat design, muted colors also climbed their way up there as people’s favorite and go especially well with minimalism.

Soft Pastel Colors (Bedroom Paint Ideas)


There are no more warming and relaxing colors than pastel colors. They create warm but elegant vibes in the room. They are also able to open up space, which can benefit small rooms.

Monochrome Colors


It is easy to execute monochromatic colors for bedrooms. Choose any single color that you favor, and then break the color down into a few shades and tints, to avoid monotonous feeling.

Bright and Vibrant Colors


The vibrant colors for bedroom paint can help brighten up your day. Combine the vibrant colorful theme with some neutral accent here and there to balance the looks.

Pretty Girly Colors


Not only able to create sweet sugary feelings, girly colors like pink and purple could also give sophisticated feelings. Those colors can also give soothing, calm, and welcoming effects.

All White Color


Having your bedroom painted in all white giving you opportunities add various kinds and colors of furniture in the future. Paint the base wall in white and add various accent colors to prevent boringness.

Patterned Paint


To spice up the interior looks of your bedroom, opt to paint pattern on the wall. Whether it is random graphic, hexagonal, floral, herringbone, or circular patterns, you can choose and find one that matches the concept of your home.

Dark Masculine Colors


Dark colors give dramatic and daring looks to the room. If you use dark bedroom paint ideas, choose lighter colored furniture to balance.

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Metallic Paint


Turn out metallic paint colors to make the room look bigger. Whether it is gold or silver hue, the metallic colors are worth to try at least once to be bedroom paint colors. It creates instant glam vibes to the room.

If you have found the most fitted color from bedroom paint, you can start to apply them and redecorate the room. Do not forget to prepare basic painting appliances such as painters tape and drop cloths.

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