Best DIY Flower Ideas with Simple Tools and Materials

Best DIY Flower Ideas – There is nothing quite like fresh flower arrangements for the house decoration. It does not only improve the house by its aesthetical aspect. The method also brings a whiff of freshness to any room it inhabits.

If you consider yourself as a crafty person who loves to embark on new crafting challenges, the following DIY flower ideas might be exciting. They do not require plenty of materials, and you are likely to have most of the tools already.

Cool DIY Flower Ideas to Try Out

Cottage-style Flowers in Mason Jar

This flower arrangement idea certainly has a cottage vibe to it. The arrangement utilizes a medium-size mason jar that has lined with white-colored fabric. To complete the look, you can secure a striped twine near the jar’s lip. There is a tag attached to the string that shows the flower’s name.

You should place flowers with small buds to enhance the subtle beauty of this arrangement, such as feverfew daisy and heather. The soft colored flower is more suitable for this arrangement if you want to maintain the cottage look.

Clear Vials with Lily (Best DIY Flower Ideas)

Do you have empty clear bottle vials lying around in the house? It is one of the DIY flower ideas that allow you to repurpose those unused vials. You need to clean the jars thoroughly and remove tags or labels that attached to them. After that, fill the jars with fresh water up to half.

You can arrange the flowers, so the bottom parts are crowding inside the bottles. It will create a beautiful spread out effect on your arrangement. Tall flowers (such as sunflower and gladioli) highly recommended for this arrangement.

Butterflies on Baby Breath

This idea is among DIY flower ideas that encourage you to be very crafty. You need to prepare a mason jar or similar shape vase for the base. This arrangement utilizes baby breath as the flower, but you can choose other small bud flowers for yours.

Soft white color flowers will bring stark contrast to the butterfly decorations that are going to added. You can purchase butterfly stickers from craft stores, but creating one on your own is better. There are many online tutorials you can follow to do that.

Fresh Citrus Flower Vase

Although this vase requires plenty of extra work for you to do, it is a unique idea to try out. Inside the bowl vase, you can see some sliced fresh grapefruits. You can also opt to use other types of citruses you have on hand, such as lemon. It is one of the DIY flower ideas that enable you to choose the flower type freely. If the color is brighter, it will look more vibrant. Besides, this arrangement also smells perfect due to the citrus and flower combination.

Other Best DIY Flower Ideas

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