Birthday Cake Ideas Inspired by Fantasy Fictions

Birthday Cake Ideas – Is your birthday today? Celebrate your birthday with a perfect cake. It will seal the deal. One of the best ideas for birthday cakes is fantasy fiction.

Give your loved one a surprise with the best cake featuring her favorite fantasy fiction!

Hunger Games Trilogy Cakes (Birthday Cake Ideas)

Hunger Games Trilogy will make your birthday cake very special.

You can put the Hunger Games icon, such as the Mockingjay pin, to adorn the surface of the birthday cake.

The Hunger Games trilogy book stack with different cover colors (black, red, blue) makes your birthday cake look stands out.

Cakes with Magical Creature Toppers

A magical creature from a fantasy world is an inspiration for a birthday cake that is quite easy to find.

Flying horses, dwarf humans, little fairies, dragons, mermaids are perfect examples for your son’s birthday cake.

Potter Birthday Cake Ideas

One of the favorite fantasy fictions is Harry Potter. You can give a surprise with Creative Harry Potter cakes. It will make fans happy.

Simple white birthday cake with Sorting Hat, Gryffindor scarf, Golden Snitch, and HP letters is the best idea that everyone will instantly get.

Quirky, Alice-inspired Birthday Cakes

One of Fantasy Fiction inspired many birthday cake projects is Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.

You can be creative by mixing colors and changing structures Since Alice goes to a world where proportions don’t matter.

Like the cake above, it provides various colors and various designs that are very suitable for girls.

Drinking water, flowers, decorated with mushroom plants, and toy cards make birthday cakes extraordinary for girls.

Tolkien-inspired Birthday Cakes

J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth inspired many people to make birthday cakes.

One popular idea is a book-shaped cake with the title “Lord of the Rings.” There is also the title “The Hobbit.”

Other ideas such as The One Ring Inscriptions, Hobbit House, Minas Tirith, or a detailed red dragon figure are also famous for birthday cakes.

Those are creative ideas inspired by Fantasy Fictions. Designs Inspired by Fantasy Fiction can make birthday parties more enjoyable.

Other Birthday Cake Ideas Inspired by Fantasy Fictions

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