10 Corner Fireplace Designs to Take Ideas From

Corner Fireplace – Homeowner incorporates fireplace to their house for various reasons including beautifying the room and (especially in colder areas) warming up. For smaller living spaces, installing a corner fireplace becomes a smart solution to deal with limited space. Corner placement has good aesthetical value and can be built at a low budget. The following designs might be a great way to start if you want to install this amenity.

Smart Corner Fireplace Designs to Derive Ideas From

Country Style Stone Fireplace

The earthy stone color blends really well with the overall country theme of the living room. Stonewall in the fireplace provides a nice accent to the room. Stone is also a great material since it is durable. However, it can get pretty expensive.

Brick Corner Fireplace in Living-Study Room

In this design, the corner fireplace placement smartly divides the area of book storage and living space. The brick material of this fireplace has a rustic sandy color that increases cozy ambiance of this living room. It also looks slightly elevated from the ground.

Fireplace in Open Living Room

This design proves that with the right position, you can adequately install the feature in an open living room. Just choose to place the fireplace in a corner near the window. Then, arrange the chairs accordingly, so people can see the fireplace from their seats.

Modern Fireplace at Basement

Modern style fireplace is the right solution for basement installation since it does not require a chimney. In this design sample, the house feature takes a space that would otherwise be unutilized.

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White Theme Family Space

In this design, you will see the white brick corner fireplace becomes the center of attention. You can arrange the two sofas in 45º angles to face the focal point. Just apply some color accents around the room to live the things up.

Riverside Living Room Fireplace

The room receives enough sunlight and a clear view of the river. Thus, the earthy tone of this stone fireplace blends seamlessly with the overall woody vibe. Place the wood logs beside the amenity to fuel its fire.

Small Condo Living Area

Although this living room is really small, the moderate space fireplace does not take too much room. In fact, it blends nicely with the golden brown vibe of it. A love seat is placed adjacent to the structure.

TV Room Space

The corner fireplace in this room has an open flame, which is a charm on itself. It provides extra warmth for the room’s occupants who are enjoying movies on the large screen.

Open Corner Fireplace in Sitting Area

Open stone fireplace seems fitting in this multipurpose space. There is no furniture placed too close to the fire for safety, yet the warmth still seeps throughout. The overall earth tone also has a nice vibe.

Modern Living-Movie Room

The corner fireplace becomes an extra boost for coziness in this room. It is arranged in the sideline while you placed sofas to face the TV screen instead. Nonetheless, the fireplace really increases comfort and warmth.

Other Corner Fireplace

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