DIY Concrete Projects Tutorial You Can Try on This Weekend

One of the easiest DIY concrete projects is making your concrete planters. They are cheap, trendy, and super cute. It can do over the weekend with easy tools and materials. Do not be afraid to experiment! You can personalize them into unique shapes according to your liking.

Some things you need to prepare to make DIY planters are plastic containers, water, oils, concrete, foam brush, trowel, rocks, and a drill. It is an easy project, but it can get a little bit messy, so it’s preferable to do it outside. Below are the steps to create planters for concrete projects you can use for inspiration. (Read: Painted Stones)

The Direction for Making the Concrete Planters

Step 1 (DIY Concrete Projects)

Make your paste by mixing the concrete with water. It seems terrifying, but it is pretty straightforward. The usual ratio to start with is about 4:1 for cement and water. Mix it using a shovel. Do not begin by pouring all the water into the concrete.

It is better to pour bit by bit so you can measure and get the right thickness of the concrete. Stir it until the texture becomes like pudding. If it lumps free, then it is ready to use. For more significant DIY concrete projects, use a shovel to mix it. For smaller scale, use a trowel. Use gloves to protect your hands.

Step 2 (DIY Concrete Projects)

Find a pair of large and smaller containers. Apply the oils on the inside part of the large bowel, and the outside part of the smaller vessels. You can use cooking oils, apply either with a spray bottle or paintbrush. The purpose of using oil is that so the concrete will not stick to the container and make it hard to pull it out. But remember to put the oil only thoroughly. Take your time to grease the pots up.

Step 3

Now, fill the large container with the concrete. Hold the side of the pot gently and move it back and forth. Then put the smaller jar in the middle of a large container by pressing it using heavy rock. The lower bowl is used to create the hole to put the plant inside. Concrete can dry so fast, so you need to work quickly.

Step 4

Finally, like any other DIY concrete projects, you need to wait about 24 hours for it to dry. Once it dries out, remove the containers to reveal your planters. If they were well-oiled before, it should be easy to remove.

Now that you have your planters, you can use it to complete gardening collections. You can also use them as a gift to friends or family. The concrete planters are just one of the many easy DIY concrete projects, so make sure you try this one and then try another plan.

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