DIY Floating Shelves Ideas with Simple Instructions to Apply

Floating shelves are alternative to fill the empty space in a small room. In general, it is similar to regular shelves, but there is no direct holder to keep all layers. One characteristic of this furniture is the mounted wall mode or using hanging installation. With simple tools, you can make your shelves. You can follow DIY floating shelves’ ideas in the next section.

The Best of DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

Mounted Wall Shelves

The most common style for floating shelves is the one you put directly on the wall. Firstly, the material is pure, and you can use almost anything as long as there are plain boards. In this idea, the council has an additional mounted layer in one side.

You can drill this part to obtain the holes then attach the shelves on the wall. The process is simple, but one issue is you may have a drawback on the wall. As an alternative, you create three long holders mounted on the wall then put the board at the top. The concept is similar with direct mounted, but you can replace it with holder at below section. This idea is useful when you need to replace the board often.

Hanging Rope

One of the unique options from DIY floating shelves ideas is hanging rope. The term floating means no pillar or holder touches the ground or floor. In that case, you can keep the shelves in floating mode. You can use the rope for it. You can hang those shelves directly. It is the best option you do not want to ruin the wall surface. Using belted string is the best way if you’re going to hold the shelves full of things safely.

Floating Shelves with Rack

Floating shelves look like random board or layer attached on the wall. Even though you put the rope, there is still a risk for broken or deprived because it cannot hold much weight. It is where you need the rack to arrange the shelves in the right position.

As one of the DIY floating shelves ideas, you can apply this one based on existing furniture. There is a rack in your home. Just remove a few layers then mount them on the wall. You can obtain floating shelves from the regular one.

One benefit of having DIY furniture is that it’s easy to adjust with anything you want. Moreover, the skill for creating floating shelves is useful for the next project. You can expand the basic concept then turn DIY floating shelves ideas into the most exciting design at all. Of course, all materials and installation are from yourself.

Other DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

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