DIY Flower Ideas Using Old Stuff Around You

DIY Flower Ideas – You need DIY flower ideas when you want to turn old stuff around you into the beautiful craft. Flowers are versatile to use, for example, as the room decoration as well as for centerpiece in every room. Instead of using the real flower, you can make an artificial one, made out of recycled stuff. Here is more information about it for you to read and to understand.

The DIY Flower Ideas from Recycled Materials

There are so many materials to make DIY flower ideas. Most of them are surely old stuff that you will be glad to throw away anytime soon. Instead of getting rid of them, turn them into beautiful flowers. Here are some of the best ideas related to it. These ideas are all simple to make and going to be fun for children.

The Coke Bottle Cap Flower

There are so many coke bottle caps which often thrown away immediately. However, if you can clean and paint them properly, they can be arranged into beautiful flowers. You need seven bottle caps to make the flower. Also, you need a Popsicle stick.

Paint one of the bottle caps with white color, then, paint the rest with other colors, such as red or yellow. After they dry, use the hot glue gun to arrange them into a flower shape with the white cap as the center. Then, stick the flower into the Popsicle stick. There, you have a flower.

Plastic Water Bottle Flower

One of the best DIY flower ideas is to use a plastic water bottle. Shape the bottom part of the bottle as flowers. All you need to do just cut out the bottle and get rid everything else but the bottom of the container. Then, paint the flower-shaped bottom with any color you desire and then stick into cardboard or stick.

It is one of the easiest ways to make a flower out of recycled material. You can use any plastic water bottle, including the translucent one. However, always choose the containers that have flower-shaped bottoms.

Besides the two materials above, surely there are plenty more of them to use. You can use everything around you, starting from fabric scraps to cardboard cutouts. If you are creative, you can turn old stuff into beautiful-looking artificial flowers. Use those DIY flower ideas as inspirations, and you will end up with a fantastic craft that you will be proud to show off.

Other DIY Flower Ideas

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