DIY Wall Clock Ideas Made of the Things around You

DIY Wall Clock Ideas – Houses and building always have clocks. Although now time can be seen in mobile devices or watches, people still need the clock. Of course, these are to show time, but they are also part of the room decoration. Without a clock, there can be something missing.

Of course, it is annoying to see the current ground or square watches. Although the numbers have a unique design or there are some details applied, these still do not look good. That’s why there are some DIY Wall Clock which will surely refresh your house.

Unique DIY Wall Clock Ideas

When talking about DIY wall clock, actually there are many kinds of ideas to try. Since you make it, you are free to make the clock based on your imagination and creativity. However, sometimes, it is not easy to make since nothing to trigger your creativity. In this condition, it will be useful to have some options regarding DIY Wall Clock Ideas.

The clock of the family photograph

The first idea is to use pictures for the watch. In this case, there should be a clock engine and some photos of you and your family. The concept is simple since it only places the images around the clock engine.

In other words, the photos will replace the function of numbers. The idea is unique, and it is straightforward to make. When you want to make it tidier, it is good to have the photos in the frame instead of attaching the Polaroid or printed pictures on the wall directly. It can be the first option of DIY Wall Clock.

Wheel of time

Another unique idea of wall clock is by using the wheel. When you have the available bike in your house, you can make it a beautiful frame of the watch. It is also big enough to fill the space on the wall.

Of course, it needs the motor or engine of the clock. Then, modify the arrows, so they can be seen clearly in showing the time. As an alternative, paint or decorate the wheel. It looks simple, but you will love the results.

Those two are natural DIY wall clocks that you can make. It is not necessary to use extra efforts. Even it can be cheap and easy to make. They form from things around you which can give good interior look for your house. Of course, these wall clocks use some uncommon words. In case you want to get more references, you can find plenty of great DIY Wall Clock Ideas.

Other DIY Wall Clock Ideas

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