Expert Guide to Choosing Interior Door Handle Shape

Door Handle Shape – If you select door handle carefully, they can be the jewel in every room. Here we look at the various shape you can choose from and how to complete any interior design with the right door handles.

Choosing the right furniture can complement the appearance of interior design. They can be like jewelry for a room, help flow naturally through properties and help tie different design elements.

Even though they are physically small, the handle shape you choose must match the overall design. Plus, hardware must be following its purpose, durable and suitable for carrying out essential daily functions.

There are many options for shapes, and you will want to find a form that will best complement your property. But where did you start?

To help you, we have collected the most popular door handle shapes for you to consider.


Door handles with modern styles often have a simple, slim and minimalist look. They usually have chrome or have colors like black or bronze, with little or no back plates.


The door handle will be more tubular without a definite edge and is accompanied by a curved edge plate. They have round back plates.


The style of this door handle will generally be round and smooth. They have round back plates.


The door handle style has a large rectangular back plate with decorative curved handles. Usually, they are made of brass.


The door handle has a rectangular shape with sharp edges, with a rectangular or square backplate.

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