How to Choose Door Knobs for The Door?

Doorknob – Although it looks easy, the selection of door knobs must consider several things before buying. You have to find the size, style, and decide whether the door knobs match the design of your home. Primarily, door knobs have a simple function, which is to open the door of the house. However, they are parts of decorative home furniture also. So, to help you determine the door knobs, here are some guidelines that you can use:


Doorknobs have many choices of styles from traditional to contemporary. Before determining the method of the suitable door knob for your home, you need to look at your home design first.

For example, your home has an Edwardian style, so the doorknobs style you can consider are classic round or oval shapes.

Door Knob Size

Large doors are not suitable if using small door knobs. So determining the size for doorknobs needs to consider the size of the door. In general, the size of doorknobs is around 50mm, for large door around 75mm.


Door knobs have many choices of materials, such as chrome, brass, bronze, nickel, and others. You can determine the door knobs material by considering your home design and budget.

Lock or Latch

For your doorknobs to operate correctly, you will need to purchase a lock or latch separately, if you don’t already have these in your doors. The mortise lock or latch can be an option. Another option is a rim lock. One of these choices is quite decorative.

Difference Between Door Knobs and Door Handles

Some people are still confused about the difference between door handles and doorknobs. The main difference is that doorknobs have a long distance between the edge of the door to the locking center. Meanwhile, door handles have a short distance between the side of the entrance to the locking center. So, if you used the door handles before, then you want to change to door knobs, you have to change the whole mechanism.

Picture of Doorknob


The old Doorknob on the old door.

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