5 Amazing Travel-Themed Engagement Party Ideas

There are a lot of engagement party ideas for everyone to choose from. However, what if the couple who got engaged is a traveling lover. If so, they can certainly have a travel-themed engagement party. How to throw such a party? Here are some of the best tips for you.

Engagement Party Ideas and Tips to Rock the Occasion

Getting engaged is something big and worth celebrating. For travel enthusiasts couple, these engagement party ideas related to traveling and the outdoor world will surely go to rock up to their party. Here they are:

Travel-Themed Invitation Card is a Must


The best thing to show everyone that you are about to have a travel-themed party to celebrate the engagement is to have the invitation card designed in a travel theme as well. Use passport-like cards or boarding pass style card for the invitation.

Do Everything Outdoor


Travel is very related to the outdoor world. That is why you need to throw the party outdoor when you love the travel theme. Use the backyard or a park for the venue. You can also do the photoshoot outdoor and display them on the party. This is one of the best engagement party ideas you should try.

Be Clever with the Foods


Show the guests that you two have been traveling around the world by serving them with diverse cuisine foods. The appetizers, main courses, and desserts can be taken from different cuisines from different parts of the world. Say, for example, an English finger sandwich as an appetizer, Indian chicken curry as the main course, and Thai mango sticky rice as dessert.

Use Travel-Themed Favors


Handing the guest favors or souvenirs after the party is considered mandatory. That is why in these engagement party ideas; you are suggested to use travel-themed favors, such as a travel pack, mini water bottle, a suitcase tag, and many more, to impress the guests.

Choose Fun, Travel-Themed Games


There are a lot of fun games related to travel. You can play charade to guess a particular country or you can have a big board and display a world’s map on it. Make a guest throw a dart on it and he will have to guess what country the dart lands on.

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In order to throw the best engagement party with the travel theme, make sure that all of those engagement party ideas above are considered. They will work so well in taking the travel and adventure theme into the actual party.

Other Engagement Party Ideas

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