The Easy and Stunning Floating Shelves Ideas

Floating Shelves Ideas – Cramp space or small room is a standard issue in the today living era. You cannot expand the real place you have. On the other side, some stuff needs to be arranged into proper order safely.

As a solution, it is time to transform the wall into useful shelves. You can try several shelves ideas that apply to home decoration. Besides practical, the freestyle makes the room astonishing with elegant appearance.

The Applicable Floating Shelves Ideas

Rustic Wood Shelves

If you have wood, floating wooden shelves, ideas seem to be the most sensible thing to do. The simple wood creates the rustic decoration. You only need a short wood layer to attach to the wall. Put one or two layers with the same configuration at the top and bottom sections.

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Heavy-duty Shelves

You need shelves with a strong capability to hold more stuff. The kitchen and dining room are the places where shelves become necessary. Simple wood is not enough, and the shelves require extra weight for the more heavy-duty task. You can combine wood and steel to make floating shelves have a strong affinity.

Cube Style Floating Shelves

The shelves do not have to be a dull layer. In this case, the cube style is an exciting idea without losing functionality. In general, you only add additional perimeter at the right, left, and top parts of the first layer. Make sure they are in the same size to look like a cube. It is one of the exciting choices from floating shelves ideas.

Glass and Stainless Steel Shelves

You can use glass or stainless steel as the first layer for a more attractive room. Glass with a transparent accent creates a delicate appearance. Some people feel worried when installing this one on the wall. You need an extra holder, and stainless steel is the best option for the bracket. If you do not feel comfortable with glass, stainless steel and metal are enough as floating shelves.

L-shaped or Corner Shelves

Every space in the room is valuable, and you cannot waste it only on unnecessary functions. The floating shelves are typical for flat areas. However, there is space in the corner that you need to adjust. Instead of regular style, it is time to add L-shaped design that fits into a corner. It is one of the revolutionary applications regarding floating shelves ideas.

Five ideas above are just the basic and few variations that easy to put into real implementation. Choose floating shelves ideas which are reliable for your room, while keeping the cost in check. Moreover, DIY shelves are quite easy to try at home.

Other Floating Shelves Ideas

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