Hat Rack Ideas with Stunning Design and Useful Function

Hat Rack Ideas – You may have hats and wear them occasionally. In the fashion industry, the hat is accessory with the capability to deliver an excellent appearance. More importantly, the hats have the function to make sure your head does not feel the heat due to strong sunlight. Where do you put your hats? Some hat rack ideas are useful and easy to try at home.

The List of Hat Rack Ideas

Floating Hat Rack


What is the most common style for hat rack? You can mount wood then add-hook for hats. This is the simplest thing regarding hat rack ideas. Even though the design looks practical yet less aesthetic, some people call this style as floating hat rack.

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The design is similar to floating shelves, except for hats. If you already have shelves with floating installation, add a hook at the edge or below side that attached directly on board. Therefore, you will have a floating rack for hats. Basically, the design depends on what material and tools you have.

Standing Rack


Another applicable design regarding hat rack ideas is standing style. You create your own rack with standing style at home. The rack looks like a tripod, and the hats will be at the top.

Normally, one standing model is for a single hat. People put the rack on the corner nearby door alongside mat on the floor. After the rain and snow, the hat is wet and you just put on the rack until dry. To extend the capability, use extra hooks but only one pillar to support them.



Pegboard is useful for a hat rack. Students use this one in their room for an extra place. Of course, hat rack is one of the functions that are capable to add into the pegboard. You just attach a strong hook then the pegboard has an extra rack for the hat. Usually, pegboard is located near doors for your belongings, such as wallet, car key, hat, or anything that’s easy to grab.

Table Hat Rack


The next design for hat rack ideas is table style. In general, it has similarity to standing rack but only in short pillar and you need a table for additional grounding. In the room where people need to do long meetings, their belongings have to be nearby. The table rack is portable which can be put anywhere. You can bring this one and put it at the table in front of you. When your work is done, you do not need to move around just to find the hat.

Well, each style in hat rack ideas has pros and cons. You may create on your own or just buy it at the store. Just remember functionality is always the top priority.

Other Hat Rack Ideas

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