Homemade Alcohol Inks and Easy Processes to Make the Inks

Homemade Alcohol Inks – Alcohol inks become one of the expensive inks to create various arts and paintings. They are good since the inks can dry quickly. It is also safe as it has no acid or dangerous substances.

Of course, its price is compensation for excellent quality. In case you are interested in using alcohol ink and do not want to spend your money, it is good to make homemade alcohol inks. It may sound strange, but it can do quickly.

The Processes to Make Homemade Alcohol Inks


It is not difficult to make alcohol inks. You can have your version. Even, you may get various colors depending on materials for the ink. It is not as complicated as what you think, and surely, you will not regret once you see the results. Admittedly, it can be an exciting step.

Preparation to Make Homemade Alcohol Inks

For the first step of homemade alcohol inks, you need to prepare things that you need. They are your old markers or dried markers and also rubbing alcohol. These two are the materials of alcohol ink. Then, you will also need glass jars or small bottles with its caps. You also need cutters or scissors to open the markers.

Taking the cartridge

Now, it is time to get the sources of color. These can found inside the markers. Each of them has an ink cartridge, and usually, it makes from sponge or foam. It can remove by making holes in the pens. Once you can make the rounds, but each of them inside glass jars or bottles. After that, you need to add alcohol. It will take times, and it is good to leave them overnight.

Obtaining your alcohol ink

Then, the next step is only to collect your homemade alcohol inks. On the next day, you can see the results. Usually, the density of inks can be different between each bottle or jars since the leftover ink in the cartridge may be different. That’s why it is recommended to use a smaller container. Then, it covered with its cap. It can quickly dry, so it is essential to make sure the bottles sealed.

Those are some steps for making DIY alcohol ink. By using these processes, you will not need to buy the inks and spend your money. It may not be similar in term of density and color variations, but it does not become a big problem. If you need more colors, add them. Well, making homemade alcohol inks only requires a long duration to get the colors. You can use it for watercolor or others.

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