How to Create Adorable Painted Pebbles

How to Create Painted Pebbles – Art is all about creativity. There are no rules and limitations when it comes to creating sculptures. Painting is no exception. You can use any media to create innovative and creative artwork. One of the unique canvases you can use for an art project is pebbles.

You can get rocks for cheap or free if you take them from your yard, and create mini masterpieces. You will need pebbles, paint palettes, paintbrushes, pencil, and sealer glue. Below are the step-by-step you can follow to make a new hobby by creating painted stones.

Steps You Can Do to Make Painted Pebbles

Prepare first (How to Create Painted Pebbles)

Prepare the pebbles. Find the rocks with smooth rounded surfaces. River or beach stones are the perfect places to find this kind of pebbles. If not, you can go to nearby craft stores and buy a bag of perfect rocks according to the size you want. For stones that still dirty, wash with warm water and soap, brush them if necessary. If the pebbles you found have rough patches, you can smooth them by using sandpaper.

Create a plan

If this is the first time you create painted pebbles, you can draw them first on the paper. To avoid mistakes, use a pencil or chalk to sketch on the stones before you wash them.

Start to paint

Now, it is time to start painting. Lay paper towels or newspaper, to avoid messiness. Start to paint from the more significant parts to the smallest details. Since pebbles’ colors are naturally few shades darker than white canvas, it is better to use bright, vibrant, and bold paint colors.

You can use acrylic or water-based paints. Just draw anything for your painted pebbles, from animals, flowers, holiday designs, or even write your favorite quotes. Then, you can dry them by using a hairdryer or lay them under the sun. To make the top part of the pebbles shiny, coat them with sealer glue.

A lot of professional artists are starting to incorporate pebbles as their painting’s media, so it is a growing trend. Creating painted stones is a fun way to spend your free time. You can involve kids because it is such an easy project. After you finished, you can use them for home or garden decoration, or give them as gifts for friends and family. You may even glue the magnet to the back of pebbles and use it as fridge decoration.

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