How to Choose Interior Door Handle?

Interior Door Handle – There are three primary kinds of interior door handle or interior door knob. If you have new doors, you can pick a bar handle on the backplate, handle on rose or mortice knob.

Interior Door Handle on Rose

A door handle on rose makes the door look contemporary. It often uses in modern apartments and homes. The door handle on rose has a lot of design like a round rose and square roses. So, you have many choices for your doors.

Interior Door Handle on Backplate

A lever latch is a door handle on a plain backplate, and the backplate would incorporate a keyhole for a locking door. For locking bathroom, the door the backplate would include a bath turn to lock the door from the inside. You have a choice of many different finishes to match your decor.

Mortice Knob Sets

Mortice knobs are a company favorite in a period and country houses. Vintage brass and bronze look magnificent on solid timber doors in a classically styled interior. Modern designs enhance the contemporary indoor well without a doubt and look spectacular in chrome and colored glass.

Pictures of Door Handle

Door Handle 1: Gold Lock and Handle Door on Yellow

Gold lock and handle door on the yellow door

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