Small Kitchen Island Ideas to Decorate and Manage Space in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Ideas – Some people want to have a kitchen island. However, space becomes a consideration. In this case, there are some small kitchen island ideas as the solution to space management in the cooking spots.

Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Comfy Dining Space

There are many kinds of kitchen islands. Some of them have small sizes, so it is good for the small kitchen that has no dining table. Related to the islands, these are some good references to choose from.

Square Kitchen Island Ideas

Square shape is the common shape to find and it is one of the nice small kitchen island ideas. In this part, the island also comes with the chairs, so they are already in the same design.

Small Island for Great Mobility

This island is not dedicated to the dining space. In terms of size, it is surely small. However, it has a nice blue countertop that makes it so attractive for the kitchen decoration.

Overhang Kitchen Island

Overhang island is a good solution for space management. It is nice as a small dining table, and it has good space management due to its foot. There are not feet to reduce mobility, so it is still comfy in the small kitchen.

Island and Cart

The next idea of small kitchen island ideas combines island and cart. The island actually carts with two levels of shelves. There is also a drawer. It is small yet so effective. Even, it gets wheels for its mobility.

Drop leaf Island

The drop leaf design is good for the small kitchen. This gives space for the chairs, so it does not need to add extra space to get seats in the dining islands.

Floating Kitchen Island

This is another idea of small kitchen island ideas to save space. The island is attached to the wall and it has an only foot. It gives good space to store the chairs when they are not in use.

Storable Island

The island can store and expanded whenever it is needed. It is like a drawer. Surely, it is a nice and creative design that will effectively manage the space. The kitchen can be pulled whenever it is needed.

Classic Kitchen Island

The classic island can also be a choice. However, it comes in a small size. It gets a blue color and white countertop. There are also some black metal chairs.

Multifunction Island

The island is multifunction. There are spaces to store the chairs. Then, it also has some shelves and drawers to store some cooking stuff, even books.

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Island on The Corner Kitchen Ideas

Due to limited space, the island is placed on the corner of the kitchen. It looks different from a common design, but it gives good functionality for the cooking and dining spot.

All of these small kitchen island ideas give you a reference for decorating the cooking spot with the island. This furniture provides various functions even in small sizes.

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