DIY Fun Light Switch Plate Decoration

Most of the time, if not all of the time, light switch plates always have this dull, boring white color. You can decorate them by putting covers on the plates. To create the creative and appealing cover for switch plates, you can paint it, add washi tapes, or add a frame to the plate. If you need some inspirations, use the ideas below to create DIY switch plate decoration.

Materials and Steps to Create Switch Plate Decoration

Light switch plate using graphic papers

It is probably the most versatile options of all the decoration, not to mention easy to do. You can use any picture you have then print it in on medium weight cardstock. Go creative with it. If you like feminine style, choose an image with flowers in it.

Some people print photos of maps or old newspapers for vintage and retro style. You can print few and change it according to your liking. For example, you can print holiday-themed light switch plate covers and have them replaced every Halloween or Christmas. There are lots of cute patterns on the internet to print.

Using fabrics

Time to dress up your light switch plate! This easy DIY is excellent for you who have leftover materials at home as you will only need small pieces. You need glue, glue sponge or brush, and scissors. Cut the fabric a little bit bigger than the switch plate size, cover the plate with glue, and lay your small piece of structures on top of the switch plate.

Dry it, and then cut the excess fabrics. There are lots of colors and patterns of materials to choose from. The trendiest pattern probably is the tribal pattern because they are cute, bright, and vibrant. (Read also: DIY Wall Clock)

Using washi tapes

Washi tapes are the neatest switch plate covers because you do not have to include the glue. Washi tapes are accessible materials in the crafting world. They are ordinary tapes that have durable and flexible qualities, but what makes them available are the varieties of patterns, texture, and colors.

They are affordable and easy to find. All you need for this project are a few washi tapes with different colors and patterns and scissors. Consider unique ways to put washi tapes on the switch plates. For example, you can put them diagonally.

Using glitters

This easy light switch plate DIY only requires sparkles, glue, and probably some paper towels to cover the surface because sparkles can get everywhere and make things a little bit messy. Cover your switch plate with glue, and then sprinkle glitters thoroughly on top of it. Wait for it to dry then shake it to get rid of excessive sparkles.

Other DIY Light Switch Plate

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