What to Consider When Choosing Carpet for a Living Room

Living Room Carpet – Having a comfortable living room is a dream of many people. The equipment in the living room is a sofa, table, ornaments, and lighting. Adding carpet in the living room is also talented enough to add value to the living room.

The choice of carpet for the living room should not be arbitrary. You need to consider many things to choose carpet. Here are some things you need to find in choosing a rug for your living room.


Not all carpets have good quality. You might find bad quality carpets when looking for rugs. Mats for the living room must have the best quality. Because the living room is one of the places that have high-traffic, so, choose a rug that has a long-lasting and robust power so as not to wear out quickly.

Fiber Options

The carpet has several types of fibers that can affect the durability and appearance of the rug. Here are some options for carpet fibers that you can choose from:

  • Nylon: This type of carpet fiber is the most resilient. However, you need to treat nylon fiber carpets with stain protectors. The strongest and softest kind of nylon is 6.6 nylon.
  • Trim extra: This type of fiber is new. The advantage of this fiber is that it has anti-stain properties and also resilient.
  • Polyester: Polyester fiber has the advantage of being stain resistant and comfortable on the feet. However, you will find it difficult to clean. This type of thread is also not active, so it is not suitable for rooms that have high-traffic
  • Olefin: Inexpensive and withstands fading, staining, and even mold. It’s not as resilient or durable as nylon. However, it’s an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Ease of Cleaning

Because the living room, including one of the places that have high-traffic, water spills or meals is most likely to occur frequently. Therefore, consider a carpet that has a lifetime warranty, so that you are not too worried. Besides, consider also rugs that have natural clean fibers.

Carpet Construction

Carpet construction can make your living room look different. Construction factors include style and pile.

Color Selection

Choosing the color of the carpet, you need to look at the design of your living room. Look at the color of the walls and ornaments in the living room, so that the carpet you choose can add beauty.

Shop Smart

When looking for carpet, make sure some important things. They are the quality of installation, bad stretching, as poor seaming, and a too-thin pad will ruin the look of new carpet.

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