50 Most Popular Living Room Rug for 2019

Living Room Rug – A rug has many functions. It can add comfort to a rough floor, helps define the spatial layout, and brings in touches of color. Finding a rug that fits your room design is the key. Therefore, when you are looking for a new suitable carpet, this is what you should consider:

What Size Rug Works Best for My Area?

There are many traditional rules when we talk about the correct rug size. But, most designers will motivate you to break the rules. It depends on your choice. For sure, you need to see how full your room is and how much furniture you have.

What Material Should I Use for My Rug?

To determine what material the carpet is for your room, see how often the place pass because some rugs have more durable qualities than others.

The room that has high traffic, jute rugs and sisal rugs may be the best choice because they tend to hide dirt and show less wear and tear.

Synthetic, cotton and wool rugs are perfect for larger areas in living rooms and bedrooms. They offer many fun color choices and more cushion.

If you like luxury, fur and silk carpets can be the best choice. However, keep in mind that fur and silk carpets are not suitable for children or pets.

What Style Accent Rug Should I Find?

Because it’s one of the most significant decorative pieces in your room, it should accurately reflect your style. In the end, customizing decorations with mats are a perfect way.

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