Luau Party Ideas for Delightful Outdoor Party

Summer is the best season to enjoy fresh outdoor. Many activities are ready to make a delightful life. For the party, one of the recommended ideas is Luau that has been the top choice due to the attractive, stunning, and exciting concept. Some luau party ideas will be useful to know before your party started.

Luau Party Ideas You Should Try

Floral Necklace and Hula Skirt

The floral necklace is ordinary for a welcoming gift. In the airport, tourists may receive this one. Well, the idea is applicable to try at home. You can order flowers and arrange them into a proper big necklace. After that, you stand at the front door and put the collar on your guest. Of course, make sure this necklace is durable enough for holding each other.

The next exciting option for luau party ideas is a hula skirt. You do not need to be skilled in dancing. Hula skirt is unique and suitable for outdoor festivity, especially Hawaiian party. You can make your own or order it at the store. Of course, most dresses are for women, but there are specific clothes for men. Wearing traditional clothes during a Luau party will create a real atmosphere.

Wooden Decoration Luau Party Ideas

Party needs decoration, and Tiki Pinata is the best style for luau party ideas. Tiki Pinata identified as a distinctive statue. You can order Tiki with a unique and attractive appearance. Besides figure, this one is common for lighting fixtures or torch. Prepare the long table and add the light for the evening party.

Tropical Fruits Luau Party Ideas

One thing you cannot forget is tropical fruit. Prepare some fruits that look fresh and cut them into small pieces. Then, arrange them on the plates and let everyone enjoy together. Fruits are essential during this party, especially the tropical ones.

You will feel this is what looks like when living on the tropical island. Fresh fruits from nature, along with bright sunlight, create a warm feeling. To expand the fruit recipe, you may try to generate smoothie or juice. Both are a reliable option if you invite kids at this party.

Cupcake and Foods

Fruits are not enough for luau party ideas. A party without drink and food will be incomplete. It is time to put some cupcakes for refreshments. Some recipes are useful for an outdoor party. Read: Tea Party Ideas

Moreover, you can make a simple dessert on your own. Cupcakes and fruits are mainly simple foods for a casual party. If you want something a little bit heavy, try the real foods from Hawaiian. Of course, this option is reliable if you’re going to create lunch or dinner before the party.

The ideas for this party are versatile so that you can modify based on your condition and place. The first thing to understand is about party location. The backyard seems to be the right choice, but you need extra space for moving around freely.

Some parties require a new setting, and the table should arrange adequately. Another thing is the prep time. You may spend more effort on this point. Preparing those foods, skirts, decorations, and other supporting features will consume your time. Of course, the best party comes from tedious preparation. That’s why some luau party ideas will be useful as a starting point.

Other Luau Party Ideas You Should Try

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