Meeting Rooms Design Boosts Productivity

Meeting Rooms – An office that contains many employees needs an appealing and comfortable office room. All parts of the office room including meeting room also need attention.

The room for discussion or projects in an office is the meeting rooms. So, to present creative and positive ideas, the design of the meeting room should not look ordinary. There need to be several considerations right based on the psychology of place. Here are some ideas about how to adapt the meeting rooms to boost and maintain a productive and innovative workflow.

One Room Doesn’t Fit All

In general, meeting rooms design for a variety of needs. Each division requires a different meeting room atmosphere. If you have some meeting rooms, the best ideas would be to make each according to function and purpose.

Size Matters

Each meeting has a different number of participants. If the meeting is for one division, of course, it requires a small room. However, if the meeting is for all divisions, it needs a large meeting room. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the size of the meeting room with the number of participants.

Bright colors, bright ideas

Choose colors that can present creative and innovative ideas. According to Studies, bland colors (white, grey, and beige) represent sadness and depression feelings. Calm colors (shades of blues and greens) improve productivity, focus, and relaxation. Cheerful yellows are considered shades of optimism, creativity, and innovation.

Brighten up

Many people ignore that people can flourish in natural light. Good lights can improve performance productivity. Eliminating fluorescent lighting dan using natural light from windows may be good ideas.

Smart is What Smart Does

Devices or facilities, such as projectors, interactive boards, and stable Wi-Fi connection, are a must in giving an extra productive working experience.

OK, you’ve obtained the know how. Now do as philosopher Alan Watts recommends and also “stop measuring days by a degree of productivity and start experiencing them by a degree of presence.” In other words, strive for a pleasant work environment, and you might discover you enjoy it a whole lot greater than you initially believed.

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