Mid Century Modern Living Room to Refresh Your Comfy Living Room

There are many kinds of room decoration. In case you want to have a nice and attractive living room, the mid-century modern living room can become your good option. In case you do not have ideas, there are some references to help you.

Decorating Your House with Mid Century Modern Living Room

When it talks about mid-century design, there are actually many things to do. In these references, you will find some ideas that will turn your living room into nice and comfy spots with attractive design and details.

Bohemian and Modern Living Room


It does not fully adopt the mid-century modern living room. It also has a modern touch in the design. The bohemian style is applied to the fabrics with various geometric patterns.

Atomic Living Room


Atomic design is also part of the mid-century design. The atomic concept is applied in the furniture that has an irregular pattern.

Parisian Twist


Then, this is also a nice reference. The characteristic is found in the winged chair. The chairs are unique and they have bright colors to boost the mood in the living room.

Brazilian Design


The mid-century modern living room can also be found in the Brazilian style. In this case, the characteristic is found in the rugs that have diagonal patterns. They also come in some nice colors.

Monochromatic Design


When you love the bold character, monochrome is a good option. A combination of black and white becomes attractive points that cannot be denied.

Cream Color for The Living Room


Then, the living room can also be painted in the cream color. Of course, it is also good to apply the creamy tone on the furniture.

Minimalistic Living Room


The mid-century modern living room can also come in minimalist design. It does not have a complicated design. The room looks clean and tidy. It is good for a small space in the living room.

Living Room in Earth Tone


For those who love nature, the earth tone can be applied to the living room. This is one of the characteristics of mid-century and the color of blue or brown is good to choose.

Living Room in Blue Shades


Then, the living room can also have blue shades. It surely gives a nice character. Both walls and furniture have nice blue shades. The wall gets ornaments with other colors as a combination.

Brick Fireplace


Of course, the mid-century living room cannot be separated from the fireplace. Brick is also part of the design and surely this will not disappoint you.

All of these designs show you great concepts for the living room. There are many kinds of references for the mid-century modern living room, and you only need to most suitable for your house. All of them are nice, so it is more about your preference.

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