Modernizing Your Urban Room with These Modern Bookcase Ideas

Modern Bookcase Ideas – There is no way that avid book readers would miss the chance of adding a book storage units into their interior design. With the following modern bookcase ideas, you will not only get a functional fixture to hold all of your book collections, but your entire room will also be transformed into something magnificent and modernized. It is like finding the last puzzle piece.

7 Cool Modern Bookcase Ideas to Apply in Your House

Barrister-style Case Modern Bookcase Ideas

In the past, such a case is used by lawyers around the country to keep their manuscripts save and within eyesight. Now, you can revive and reintroduce the design as one of the modern bookcase ideas. The benefit of utilizing this case is that you will be able to protect the book collection from dust.

Wall Ladder Case

Despite its simple design, the addition of this case to your room will amplify its aesthetic, no matter what style your room is. In addition, you will be able to fit it even in the smallest nook within the living room or bedroom. The open shelf design is not only able to hold the books, but also room decorations.

Industrial Metal Frame Case

Although it does not look like much, it is one of the most versatile modern bookcase ideas to date. You will be able to fit many items on its three different layers. The mobility of this metal furniture pieces is also great. It can fit in any study room, just perfect regardless of the vibe.

Open Cube Case

There are plenty of benefits of having a bookcase with an open cube design. Since it is open, everything is accessible easily (which is why it is perfect for children). The case can also serve as a partition between two different rooms due to its tall stature.

Narrow Hardwood High Case

This is not exactly the most modern bookcase, but you can never go wrong with a classic. It comes from pinewood and has a finishing that highlights its natural color. The unit itself is narrow but tall. Adding this piece into your room will introduce a rustic vibe to it.

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Wall Mounted Modern Case

If you favor another industrial style case, this one is definitely a perfect example. The structure is mounted to the wall for stability. Its frame is metal while the shelves are wooden material. It will fit perfectly even in a small room. Your room will definitely look more modern (yet at the same time, rustic) with the addition of it.

Irregular Zen White Case

It is a classic example of modern bookcase ideas. The white painted oak-made bookcase comes in the woody accent at the back. Well, this unit actually incites the feeling of serenity in any room.

Other Modern Bookcase Ideas

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