Old Sock Crafts Ideas for Kids

Old Sock Crafts Ideas – There are a lot of old sock crafts to make when you have kids at home. Losing one of the socks is quite common and standard in a household. Mostly, the hose without its pair is going to throw away. However, it is not a wise thing, considering that you can turn the sock as many things.

Easy and Fun Old Sock Crafts to Make

For those who have tons of unused socks at home and have no idea what to do with them, here are some of the best approaches to turn the hose into crafts. These crafts ideas are simple and easy to do. There is no doubt that kids are going to love making these crafts down below.

Sock Puppets


One of the best and most likely the most natural old sock crafts to make is sock puppets. The idea has been around for decades, and everyone seems to be familiar with the method of making sock puppets. The making of dolls requires a few materials only.

Besides the old sock, you will need a hot glue gun, googly eyes, and some decorations, such as a little hat, pom balls, and ribbons. You also need a permanent marker to draw on the face. Stick the googly eyes on the end of the sock. Draw on the mouth of the underneath the eyes. Decorate it with anything you desire to make the puppets colorful and whimsical.

Sock Doll


Sock doll is also easy to make. The most natural form of sock doll is the snowman. You need to prepare a white sock, some stuffing for the stocking (old fabric scraps will do), a string, and decorations for the snowman, including the hat, the scarf, and the buttons. Also, prepare some orange felts to cut into its carrot nose.

Stuff the sock with old fabric scraps. Then, tight it up with string into two parts: the head and the body. Decorate the snowman according to your preference, draw on its face, and use some sticks as its hands. (Read also: Mothers Day Cards)

When your kids have mastered the art of making sock puppets and sock dolls, surely they can make more creative crafts in the future, including making pencil case out of the sock and probably mittens and clothes for their toys. Try the old sock crafts ideas up above first when the kids are in their leisure time and see how it goes.

Other Old Sock Crafts Ideas for Kids

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