Painted Pebbles and Some Creative Insights of Colorful Decorations

There are many things to do with painted pebbles. These colorful pebbles can make into various ornaments that will make the house more beautiful. Not only applied in outdoor decorations but actually, they can be great to use in the interior area.

There are lots of ideas to apply the pebbles. Of course, it becomes suitable activities as well to spend time with your kids. You can make some pebbles and paint them together. After that, the pebbles can be arranged to make something good.

The Creative Ideas with Painted Pebbles

You can find many ideas to decorate your house with pebbles. These should not be tricky things to do. There is some excellent and easy stuff to make from stones, and it will be a high activity. For the pebbles, they can be made by yourself, or you may buy them. For the ideas, here are the references.

Mosaic of painted pebbles

The first idea of painted pebbles decoration is to make mosaic. It will not be challenging to do. What you need to prepare is only the pebbles and glue. It should be special glue that can make the stones attached to other materials. Then, the rocks can be arranged to create the mosaic. Then, it applied as an additional decoration for backsplash. It may look simple, but the variation of colors and random pattern of pebbles make the room look more cheerful.

Wall decorative ornaments

In case you have some plain walls, it is good to add decorations. In this case, pebbles can be good stuff to make the decoration. What you need to do is to prepare a wood bar or plank, and cut it into a specific size. After that, the stone pebbles can be glued to the wood to create a particular pattern, such as creating a letter of the alphabet. Then, it can be beautiful and simple decoration.

Pebbles on pots

When you have some potted plants, painted rocks can also become good part to cover the surface of pots. Instead of seeing the color of soil, pebbles can be applied and arranged on the pots, so these colorful stones cover the ground. Well, it is an excellent idea to make the containers more attractive.

Those are some easy ideas for decorating the house with pebbles. Pebbles can have various colors and sizes. They can also be arranged based on your creativity. Of course, the decoration of painted rocks will not make you disappointed.

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