Decorating a House Using Painted Stones

Painted stones are a simple craft to be found anywhere around the world. It is the craft where flat-surfaced rock or stones are painted and decorated so that they can have colors, designs, and patterns on them. The goal of painting stones is often for decorations. Find out more about the craft of painting on stones down below.

Where to Place Painted Stones at Home?

When you try to paint a stone with acrylic paint or with chalk paint, the possibility of the stone turning into beautiful decorative elements is vast. After doing the painting, the painted stones should be placed in the right place in the house to improve its aesthetic value. Where to put them? Here is the answer for you to read and to understand.

On the Living Room Wall

Wall decorations are essential in any living room. If you love painting stones and the result is colorful and fun to look at, the living room wall can take advantages of those stones. Arrange the painted rocks on a piece of thick paper. Then, buy a frame with a 3D effect.

It mostly framed with deep thickness. Place the paper with stone in the structure and hang the frame on the wall. It will be such a great decoration. You can decorate the stones with cute faces, animals, or just any patterns. They can also be painted in letters and words forming “HOME SWEET HOME” or other catchphrases.

On the Porch

The porch is an ideal place to put the stones. After being painted, the stones can be gathered on the porch and piled up to create a beautiful focal point for the porch. The best idea here is to have the painted stones scattered around a flower pot on the porch. The rocks should be colorful to add more vibrant schemes to the front porch. Paint the stones in rainbow colors and patterns. It can also be painted in beautiful flower designs to match the garden by the porch.

Well, by decorating a house with colorful stones, of course, you are going to make the house looks even more amazing. Try to find large stones for outdoor, such as on the porch and the garden. For the interior decor, smaller-sized stones or pebbles are more suitable.

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