Pedestal Sink Storage to Manage the Stuff in Your Bathroom

Pedestal Sink Storage – Storage is an important part of the house. Sometimes, it is quite tricky to get the useful storage that can manage and even save space. In this case, you may need some ideas of pedestal sink storage. This surely can become useful information.

Managing Your Space

It can be tricky to find storage for the pedestal sink. When you need some ideas, these references will help you. Surely, managing storage is not too difficult to do.

Wooden or Plastic Basket

Both wooden and plastic baskets are great to choose from. They have nice designs. Then, these can be hung and attached to the wall to save space. Of course, these are affordable.

Storage Under The Pedestal Sink

Then, the storage may also use the space under the pedestal sink. It can have cabinets designed so there is also access for the pedestal sink. It is a small yet effective cabinet to save towels and other stuff.

Shelves Above The Pedestal Sink

Shelves are quite simple to choose and it is a good idea. It can be located above the sink. Of course, it can save space and it is more affordable compared to the other storage.

Storage with Curtain

When you do not want to get the stuff seen, you can use a curtain. The curtain can be applied above the sink. By having this, you can easily place basket under the sink and it is covered and hidden.

Tiny Table

Sometimes, you may also need a powder room. In this case, a tiny table is a good idea. The table has some drawers. Then, it can have a vase to beautify the bathroom.


Ladder can also become a nice idea of pedestal sink storage. It can be made into shelves and it is quite useful to place soaps and other small items.

Divided Box

When you are bored with the shelves, the divided box is a good option to choose from. It is a kind of shelves with some separator, so it creates boxes. It will be helpful to divide and categorize the items.

Basket as The Floor Cabinet

When the cabinet is not affordable enough, the basket can be made into a cabinet or useful pedestal sink storage. The baskets can be placed on the floor and these are nice to save some towels.


This is simple but useful storage. Some items can be hung well on the hooks attached to the wall.

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Hanging Buckets

Then, this is also a nice and creative idea. This is usually used to plant flowers, but it can also work well for the storage idea.

These are some great ideas of storage for the pedestal sink. Surely, there will not be any problems anymore in managing the stuff. There are many kinds of pedestal sinks to choose from as your reference.

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