Small Bedroom Ideas to Use as Inspirations

Small Bedroom Ideas – Designing small bedrooms can become quite a challenge. Frequently it turns into a frustrating activity due to the pressure to fit all the furniture in the limited space without looking overcrowded. Having a tiny bedroom, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate creative and unique elements into it. Small bedrooms ideas list below is worth to check for you who need some inspirations.

Small Bedroom Ideas to Use as Inspirations

Photo Collage Wall

Eliminate the head bed and decorate the wall behind your bed using photo collage instead. Add string light to enhance the aesthetic aspect.

Flexible Small Bedroom Ideas

There’s nothing more fitting for small bedrooms ideas rather than multi-purpose furniture. Folding bed, for example, will give you space-saving benefit. Fold it up to use as a working desk at daytime, and pull it down to reveal the bed at night.

Mural Wall

To decorate your bedroom without taking up any space, consider painting the wall with mural arts. It adds personality to your room, as it has various customizable designs to match your taste.

Mezzanine Concept

Take vertical space as an advantage using the mezzanine concept. It is the perfect option for you who have high ceilings, as the tiny half floor is the solution for limited space. Read: Shower Room ideas

Green Small Bedroom Ideas

As space is cramped by the bed and the closet, opt for the plants to create a lighter and airy feeling. Choose small to medium-sized plants such as succulents, peace lily, or English ivy.

Bunkbed Small Bedroom Ideas

Whether you have a couple of kids or are having roommate, the bunk bed is one of the most common great small bedroom ideas. By using a bunk bed, you can provide sleeping space for more than one person with a single piece of furniture.

Mirror Panel Trick to Small Bedroom Ideas

Set a large mirror panel on the wall can give an illusion of larger space than it is. When it is used correctly as a design element, the mirror will create a pleasing effect.

Pastel Color Palette

White is the go-to color for small bedroom ideas, but it can be a bit boring. To add colors to the room, incorporate pastel colors to the design. Pastels give a calming effect to sleep and relax in your bedroom after a long day.

Monochromatic Theme

Black, white, and gray colors work like magic to create a modern minimalist look. The neutral colors give chic and visually balanced vibes of the room.

Practical Walk-in Closet

Do not give up on the walk-in closet yet if you only have a tiny bit of space. By using a light curtain to create a separated section, this style of the cabinet possibly added into your bedroom.

Having a tiny space doesn’t mean the design possibilities for small bedroom ideas are limited. Do not be hesitant to experiment with various decorations to create spacious illusion and effect to your room.

Other Inspirations of Small Bedroom Ideas

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