Smart Spice Rack Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

Spice Rack Ideas – A dash of cinnamon powder and a sprinkle of pepper can elevate the taste of the dish you create. However, it can be quite challenging to organize numerous spice jars in order not to create clutters. Ten spice rack ideas provided below can give you creative inspiration instead of opting for the simple spice rack.

10 Spice Rack Ideas as Jars Storage Space

Wooden Hanging Shelves for Spice Rack

Instead of using the space inside the cabinet, opt for hanging shelves instead. Hanging shelves are quite affordable, but you can DIY it yourself if you feel like it.

Stacked Spice Rack

Stacked spice rack ideas are a useful, innovative way to organize your various spice jars. If space allows, it can be used to store ketchup, oil bottles, or other canned goods too.

Spice Rack as Bookshelf

Do not throw your old bookshelf yet. It is possible to repurpose it as a spice rack. Aside from the being the budget-friendly options, it looks nice to complement your rustic farmhouse styled kitchen.

Space-saving Cabinet Door

Limited space cannot hold your creativity back; instead, it can be an opportunity to unleash it. Create shelves in the back of your cabinet door and maximize the use of your tiny space. Read: Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Recycled Tray for Spice Rack

Do a DIY project by recycling an old plate with the beautiful spice rack ideas, instead of purchasing a brand new spice rack. Using several old circular trays and a rod is an easy fun project to do at the weekend.

Rotating Rack

If you’d like some fancy spice rack, the rotating one is a fantastic fresh option. The rotating part makes it easy to reach the jars, especially if you have lots of them.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Incorporate science into the kitchen by using a magnetic stand. Leave your family and guests in awe by using the creative spice rack ideas. The spice jars can be organized horizontally or vertically, depending on how you set the magnet.

Pegboard Storage

Versatile is the perfect word to describe the pegboard. It can install in kitchen, garage, or garden. If you installed it in the kitchen, various items can be hung on the board aside from the spice rack storage.

Hanging Spice Rack Shoe Organizer

Pocket shoe organizer is another versatile way to store your spice jars. It doesn’t take so much space and is a budget-friendly option.

Awkward Corner Drawer

Make use of the awkward corner in your kitchen by install the spice rack drawer. Most of the kitchen doesn’t have a built-in rack in this area, but it’s always possible to do a DIY project on it.

Spice rack ideas storage often becomes a problem no matter the size of the space. Fortunately, nothing is impossible to solve by using enough creativity for functional and decorative purpose.

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