The Creative and Fun Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Recycle Plastic Bottles – The earth has enough plastic bottles already. Mineral water, fruit juices, carbonated water factories, and manufacturers have produced millions of plastic bottles every day for decades ago.

Unfortunately, plastics caused significant problems for the environment because they took about forever to break down, so they pollute landfills and harm the ocean.

Rather than letting them ended up unnecessarily in the landfill, you can try to recycle plastic bottles. There are many ways to recycle a plastic container. Check out these three ideas below for the recycling inspiration.

Creative Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Planters from Recycled Plastic Bottles

DIY plastic planter is among one of the most popular ways to recycle plastic bottles. It is effortless to do. All you need is a few used plastic bottles, a cutter, scissors, paints, and brushes. All size of plastic bottles will do, but the 2-liters size bottles are the ideal.

  • Cut the third bottom part of the container using the cutter.
  • Trim the excessive edge of the bottle so that it will look neat and harmless.
  • Paint it according to your liking. You can paint animals, flowers, or animated characters. For more straightforward options, wash it with solid color and add polka-dots or striped patterns all over the plastic bottle planters.

Cute Piggy Bank

The second way to recycle plastic bottles is making a DIY piggy bank. It is a fun and educative activity for kids. You will need a plastic bottle, cutter, scissors, glue, colored papers, permanent marker, and four marbles.

Remove the bottle’s label first, then lay it down vertically and make a coin-sized rectangular hole in the body of the container. Glue the sculptures for the piggy’s feet. Draw piggy’s ears on the colored paper, and then cut and glue them to the piggy bank.

Create the eyes using a black permanent marker. Finally, make two small circles on colored paper and glue them to the bottle’s cap to make the piggy’s nose. You can also add an optional tail by using the colored paper and put it on the back part of the bottle.

Pretty Jewelry Stand

Jewelry stand keeps the jewelry neat and organized. To avoid clutters, you can make your jewelry stand. For this recycle plastic bottles project, you need two 2 liter bottles, one 1 liter, and one 20 oz. Bottle.

Other materials for this recycled plastic bottles project are 12 inches threaded rod, a utility knife, a drill, and coordinating size nuts and washers. Cut the bottom part of the bottles, and trim them using scissors.

Using training, make a hole in the middle of the containers. Assemble the stand by pushing the bottles to the threaded rod. Don’t forget to put each bottle between a nut and a washer.

Other Creative Recycle Plastic Bottles

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