Unique DIY Rug Ideas for the House

Unique DIY Rug Ideas – Have you ever gone to a home decoration store and not meeting the right kind of rug that you think will suit the house? If you have experienced that, you may be excited about trying these DIY rug ideas.

As you see, many rugs in the market tend to come in similar styling. Sometimes, it is hard to match the rug with other furniture pieces at home. Of course, some places sell uniquely designed rugs. However, they are often out of your budget range. Let’s see some of these DIY projects.

Colorful and Soft Pompoms Unique Rug Ideas


It is one of the DIY rug ideas that children will love. The rug is bright and feels soft against the skin. It combines multiple color pompoms. There are green, red, yellow, blue, etc. The colors contrast each other nicely. The pompoms blend into one cohesive rectangle shape rug. It is perfect as a centerpiece in the house. It looks glaring in a living room. It provides a nice cushion for children when they are playing.

Used Coffee Sack Unique Rug Ideas


It is one of the most creative DIY rug ideas. It is particularly suitable for a homeowner who is an avid coffee drinker. A used coffee sack repurposed as a rug by adding thin cushion underneath. The coffee sack still has written information about coffee beans used to keep it. The sides of the coffee sack make into gorgeous frills. This rug gives a rustic but homey feeling to the room.

Lit-up Woven Unique Rug Ideas


This rug also dabbles as an extra light fixture in the house. When the room’s light is turned off, it will look gorgeous. The rug part itself woven into a round shape with a simple pattern. There is an LED light installed underneath the rug. Understandably, the rug utilized neutral color. It is done to prevent the light from deviating too far from its original color. However, you can choose other colors to add that discoloration effect.

Green Grass Alike Rug


There are many green grass rugs sold in the market nowadays. It is a part of DIY rug ideas that prove you do not need to shop for it. The rug looks like an inviting green grass, but it feels soft to the skin because used fabric scraps are used to assemble the rug.

Other DIY Rug Ideas


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