Watercolor Ideas for Beginners

Watercolor ideas are needed when someone with little or no skill of painting wants to make something beautiful to hang on the wall. Watercolor is a kind of light painting method that requires no precision.

Anything strokes on the canvas using watercolor seem to celebrated as long as it has the right color blends. Find out more about watercolor painting ideas, especially for beginners, down below.

The Simplest Watercolor Ideas to Try

You do not have to be afraid when trying the watercolor technique. As long as the watercolor paint that you are using is in good quality, the result is going to be mesmerizing. Even so, the selection of the pattern and theme is necessary too. Here are several watercolor ideas of what paint to make using the technique if you are a beginner.

Starry Night


Making starry night painting using watercolor is easy. It is undoubtedly one of the best watercolor ideas everyone needs to try. They have to prepare several colors for the background. They are black and blue. Divide the blue paint and dilute each of the parts with different amount of water.

The result will be like gradient and brush them all off on the paper to create an ombre-like effect of the sky. Paint the stars using thick white and yellow paint. Once it dries, you can add details, including shadows of the person sitting down under the air or something else using Sharpie pens.

Pine Tree Forest


Besides of the starry night, pine tree forest is also natural to make. The painting requires no specific strokes of the brush because the shape of the pine tree is random and requires several herringbone stripes only. Instead of the blue like the starry night, you need green colors.

A lot of different shades of green color are necessary here. It will help you create a beautiful forest ambiance. Paint at least ten trees to fill the canvas and make it like a real forest. Then, once it dries, try to paint the grass on the bottom, some stars, and the moon on the sky. Fill in the background with the darker color, such as black and brown.

Once you understand to make a watercolor painting, you can make tons of them. They can apply in almost any surface, including regular paper, card paper, canvas, and many more. The results of the watercolor ideas are going to be amazing for sure. It is the painting everyone should try at least once.

Other Watercolor Ideas for Beginners

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