Cool Watercolor Ideas to Try Out

Watercolor Ideas – Watercolor art is perhaps the simplest (and the most affordable form of art) that you can create at home. There is no need to prepare elaborate painting and drawing materials to realize your watercolor ideas.

You only need strong drawing papers, paintbrush, water, and good quality water-based paint. In just a short period, you will be able to whip up a new artwork to be placed around the house.

Of course, many people argue that watercolor is harder than any other type of painting since the medium has low viscosity. The following part will have several simple ideas to try out if you are still a beginner in this type of art.

Some Cool Ideas for Watercolor Arts to Try Out

Colorful Succulents Watercolor

It can be listed in the most straightforward watercolor ideas list. There are various types of succulents drawn on the paper. Some details are added to make the art livelier. You can see the prickly parts of succulent as accents of the drawing. In addition to that, the watercolor painting takes advantage of color gradation by coloring the succulents’ bodies in different shades of green. To make it more colorful, flowers of varied different shades are added to enrich the drawing.

Tree in the Shades of Rainbow Watercolor

This particular idea is also great for the beginner. It does not require too many techniques, but the result is stellar. The drawing depicts a huge tree on a clearing which is lit by the afternoon sun. It shows a beautiful tree in shades of the rainbow. There are blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and other shades in between them present throughout the tree’s body. It is one of the watercolor ideas worthy of trying out.

Enchanting Nebula Watercolor

If you have a penchant for the galaxy, you will love this particular art. It depicts a mysterious nebula. Upon first glance, you will see dark blue as the central theme of this art, but at a closer look, you will be able to recognize other colors as well. You can see little stars within the nebula and gradation from blue to purple as it gets closer to the core.

18th Century Cathedral Watercolor

The building makes cool watercolor ideas. That is shown by this particular art that depicts the 18th-century cathedral. Some of the parts of the cathedral, particularly the bottom ones, are blurred out. However, you will be able to see decorative details at the cathedral’s top. The contrast creates an enchanting vibe to the whole watercolor art. It is painted in monochrome colors.

Other Cool Ideas for Watercolor Arts to Try Out

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